Name Description Usage Example
bird Returns an image of a bird --bird --bird
cat Returns an image of a cat --cat --cat
choose Chooses something between the given choices --choose <choice1 choice2
coffee Returns an image of coffee --coffee --coffee
dog Returns an image of a dog --dog --dog
fox Returns an image of a fox --fox --fox
norris Returns a Chuck Norris joke --norris --norris
okbyemom Generates an okbyemom meme based on the provided text --okbyemom <text> --okbyemom crystal-lang docs
rate Rates something on a scale of 0-10 --rate <something> --rate <something>
shiba Returns an image of a Shiba Inu --shiba --shiba
trump Returns a Trump quote --trump --trump
yesno Replies positively or negatively --yesno --yesno


Name Description Usage Example
amiibo Returns info about the given character's amiibo --amiibo <character> --amiibo mewtwo
mcskin Returns the skin of the provided uuid --mcskin <uuid> --mcskin 870629c31ddb49f0a940e20abff3df55
mcstatus Returns the status of mojang servers --mcstatus --mcstatus
mcuuid Returns the uuid of the provided username --mcuuid <name> --mcskin Geop_Junior
tstatus Returns the status of tankionline servers --tstatus --tstatus


Name Description Usage Example
bara Returns a bara image --bara --bara


Name Description Usage Example
baka The provided user is a baka --baka [ID/MENTION] --baka @『Geop』#4066
feed Feeds provided user --feed [ID/MENTION] --feed @『Geop』#4066
hug Hugs provided user --hug [ID/MENTION] --hug @『Geop』#4066
kiss Kisses provided user --kiss [ID/MENTION] --kiss @『Geop』#4066
pat Pats provided user --pat [ID/MENTION] --pat @『Geop』#4066
poke Pokes provided user --poke [ID/MENTION] --poke @『Geop』#4066
shoot Shoots provided user --shoot [ID/MENTION] --shoot @『Geop』#4066
smug Smugs --smug --smug


Name Description Usage Example
avatar Shows all user avatars if provided, else author's --avatar [ID/MENTION] [ID/MENTION]... --avatar 216156825978929152 @『Geop』#4066
contact Returns the provided platform's contact info of the owner --contact <platform> --contact mastodon
donate Returns the provided coin's address you can donate crypto to --donate <COIN> --donate XLM
eval Evals code inside the provided code-block. Available languages: cr, rb, c --eval <CODE BLOCK> --eval ´´´cr
puts 1 + 1
help Returns a help menu --help --help
info Returns some info about the bot --info --info
ip Returns some info about the provided ip --ip <ip address> --ip
ping Returns "Pong!" with the amount of time it took it to reply --ping --ping
qrcode Returns a qrcode from the provided text --qrcode <text> --qrcode
uptime Returns the amount of time the bot has been up --uptime --uptime
whois Returns user info if provided, else server info --whois [ID/MENTION] --whois 216156825978929152